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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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on the calendar. the scene was similar to joseph naso's first court appearance. the big difference, he spoke on record saying thank you, your honor. by the way my name is pronounced naso. accused of killing four women said he gave the case a lot of thought while being by himself. i have decided looking at the big picture, i will represent myself. i would like time to examine discovery observe i enter a plea. >> he has a right to represent himself. >> can you argue against that? >> not at all. it's a decision he has to make. >> reporter: the judge let him know the amifications of the decision. saying you are charged and the
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penality can lead to death. can you represent yourself better than a lawyer. he answered yes. he informed himself if he represents himself the court would not allow him to hire a attorney. he asked why, the judge responded, this is a prime example of you not knowing the law and i will not explain. he asks him to fill out a 7 page form. the hearing about his representation continues on may 5. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. ninety minutes ago police revealed new details in the killing of a woman. happened this morning. neighbors called police to say they heard anyone being beat in inside the home. they found jason otis monroe outside with blood on his hands and clothes. inside a woman that was stabbed to death. the victim's name hasn't been
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released. federal produce cuters launching their own investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. the u.s. attorney's office is reviewing maps, emergency plans and other documents. eight people died and dozens of homes destroyed. jackie spear told us the new investigation is appropriate. >> i think there are grave concerns that there was knowledge and intention actions taken to place safety secondary. >> the u.s. attorney's office is one of several agencies looking into it. she will host a town hall in san bruno on the explosion. leaders will discuss the long- term recovery plans.
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pg&e's chief of gas engineering will give the victims an update on the response to the disaster. san francisco's new police chief is anything but new. for the past 30 years he had many ups and downs with the pd. rob sat down with the new chief. >> reporter: it's calm and quiet right now. this is where greg suhr served as police captain. and he found out yesterday he was about to become the new police chief. >> reporter: greg suhr navigated past police officers as ed lee swore him in. greg suhr could bearically speak. so emotional. >> this is the biggest honor.
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unbelievable. thank you. >> we sat down with greg suhr who said he plans to go to the stations and meet with officers. >> i don't think that i have anything in mind that i will shock anybody but i am about crime suprecision. >> he begins his job with the support of many. >> he will back us up and do his job. i think he will do a good job. >> he is a local guy. >> reporter: when his predsisser became chief the city said the department needed an outsider, that was then, this is now. >> the best chief here. >> reporter: greg suhr survived
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an indictment. homicides have been cut in half since 2009. >> he put a lot of cops and things on the street here. they did a lot of walking in the area. they were okay. i appreciate that. >> reporter: among some residents, greg suhr's tenure seemed heavy handed. >> you got people running around here shooting people. >> reporter: greg suhr's term as chief could be short. they elect a new mayor in november and it's the mayor that selects the police chief. one of those praising the selection is jeff. >> greg suhr is somebody who understands that it pays to play by the book. and that if there is problems better reflects on the good
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police officers. >> he said he plans to meet with greg suhr to discuss what steps the department will take. we have a developing story in oakland. the intersection of 55 and foot hill is blocked off because of police activity. these are live pictures over the scene in east oakland. police say an argument started outside of a funeral this afternoon. that argument escalated into a physical fight. and we are told one of the participants was hit by a car. there are no life threatening injuries. you can see a tow truck backing up into the area. one of the vehicles that may have been involved is going to be towed away. the person did not suffer life threatening injuries. we will keep you posted.
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how to stop crime was on the agenda this morning when gene quan met with merchant groups. they credit her with helping the organization to organize merchants to reduce crime. jack london square, where a shooting left two people dead and four people wounded. >> different community at different times. that was more part of the bar scene. >> we have done things in the bars that haven't been able to control their crowds, asked them to get security, some case there are off-duty officers. >> they have been discussing the situation on jack london square. police have a description for the get away car in that homicide. they thought it was a dodge but now they say it's a car like
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this one. a white toyota camry. police are warning female joggers and walkers. a man has been approaching them from behind and running away. it happened six times. most of the women were lining to music. police don't have a description of the suspect. they are urging women to be aware of their surroundings. a judge scheduled a hear on whether the judge -- gentleman wear says he is fast tracking the motion involvic judge vaughn walker. a hearing date has been set for june 13. supporters say vaughn walker's ruling is unconstitutional. experts say it is unlikely the ruling will be thrown out. >> president obama today
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answered those birth certificate critics. president obama released his official birth certificate. but he said the nation doesn't have time for this type of silliness. samantha hayes is in washington. >> reporter: here it is. born august 4, 1961 in hewn lulu, hawaii. the white house released copies of the birth certificate in hopes of butting the debate to bed. >> we had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that investigated this confirm that yes, in effect i was born in hawaii. >> reporter: he previously released the short form. but it did not satisfy critics like donald trump who questioned whether the
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president was a citizen. >> i am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. the administration appealed to the government to make an option to policy and released the original birth certificate to move beyond what the president said, a national distraction. >> we are not going to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that factorize not facts. we will not be able to save our problem physical we are distracted. >> reporter: a opinion poll shows majority of americans believe the president was born in the u.s. in washington, samantha hayes. a military pilot opened fire at a base in kabul today
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killing eight americans. the man got into a dispute at a military compound and opened fire on flight instructors. six other people were wounded. nato troops returned fire and killed the gunman. the afghans say he was a 20 year veteran of their army. after two months of violence the death toll in libya could be in the 10s of thousands. it's hard to gauge how many people died but he says the figure could be as high as 30,000. there are reports of bodies being uncovered. a natural death toll won't be known till after the fighting is over. >> we checked with the uc davis
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center where he is treated for burns to his face and body after yesterday's accident in santa rosa. the blast was related to phosphorus. no hazardous materials effected anyone outside the building. a water rescue in a place you might not expect to see one. the reason three youngsters found themselves in trouble. warm out there, hazy sunshine but the winds are kicking up. i will have the forecast back here.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. new twist in the story of thieves steeling copper to be sold for recycling. as ktvu's tom vacar reports, thieves were caught in front of police and the camera. >> reporter: as amtrak demonstrated safety concerns,
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railroad police noticed smishing activity on the side of the tracks. when police checked they nabbed thieves taking copper wire and made three arrests. >> with the price of copper rising, the opportunity for individuals to make that left it and do thought these individuals were doing, going to get worse. >> reporter: they discovered the thieves raided a box over night. >> several light poles were tampered with. >> that costs consequences. san francisco's muni endured an outage last week. thieves removed 300 pounds of live copper power cable. copper thieves took from a pg&e vault that serves a hospital. the hospital had to cancel surgeries and services while the hospital remained on generator power.
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pg&e security chief says most copper thieves are methamphetamine adicts. it's a huge expense for the victims and a real danger to their customers. at current prices, 100 pounds of copper will get them $422 in cash. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our camera was on that train for a different story. coming up, the special trip and the message operators are trying trying to get across. three boys unharmed after a boating accident today. they were taking part in a camp. they were paddling in a canoe when they started going fast, when the boat dumped over. they pulled the boys out of the water. there three were wearing life
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vests. a new quer quality report card is giving three countys failing grades. ktvu's john fowler live to give us a break down and explain what is behind the low scores. >> reporter: the a grades went right here, to san francisco, murin and san mateo counties. >> reporter: today from chopper 2 you can see santa clara county air. 12 bad days a year. one f. breezy salono county gets an f. >> not the best. i was shocked to hear it was as low as it was. >> reporter: blame pollution, traffic. parents say triggering asthma. >> when we came up this way
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it's back again. >> reporter: contra costa county, f. compared to a decade ago, bay area ozone is down 70%. >> we are making progress. the problem is, we have some areas that are still breathing too many days of unhealthy air. >> the lung association urges people drive less and not burn wood. >> driving would be difficult for me. i stopped using my wood stove. >> reporter: the lung association also says the federal clean air act are under fire in these times. it's asking for public support of laws. for more and ways to find out the air quality in your zip code go to and click on web links. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a water main break flooded
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an oakland street today. a construction crew working in the area hit a water main. no word on how much water gushed from the pipe. a lot more water in los angeles today. look at this. a driver ran into a fire hydrenderant. soaking vehicles nearby. thousands of gallons went shooting sky ward. they had a tough time turning the water off. a deadly storm today killing 18 people. we have tornado pictures to show you here from alabama. there are reports the twister hit a hospital there. authorities blame the storm for 12 deaths in alabama. 5 in mississippi and one in arkansas. that region has just been hammered lately. >> this is that time of year.
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let's go to storm tracker 2. tornado warnings in effect now. right now. here. flash flood warnings as well because of all the rain. bad news for them. i will back it out. if you are traveling across the mid-section you will experience flight delays from the storms. different story around here. things settling down. high clouds. patchy coastal fog. shows up and goes away. that's about it. cooler and breezy tomorrow. when i say cooler, mid-60s. 66, 77. tomorrow lower upper 60s. mid-60s. weekend, wow! spring time around here. it's going to feel like spring time, temperatures up into the
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upper 70s maybe. overnight lows cool. winds keep things warmer. santa rosa, that's cool, napa, fairfield, you might see frost and you will need jackets. 49 in san francisco. no rain in the forecast. but cooler overnight lows. now, when i come back i will have the pollen counts and we will talk about the different trees that are impacting many of us outside. as it gets sunny and warmer pollen shoots off. see you back here. the san francisco board of supers put the hold for at&t's upgrade. we told you about the hours of testimonies about the man to install 700 boxes to improve internet, cable and land line
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phone services. the super visors put off on whether to reverse the decision. a first for the federal review, the motive behind ben bernanke making history today and his revolutions about the economy. richest in the country and california, so how does your pay check stack up against the average income? beebe beebe
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the chairman of the federal reserve held a news conference today for the first time. ben bernanke news consference was the first in the ninety eight year history. he is trying to be more transparent. he tried to allay fears. >> we are in a moderate recovery. we will be looking carefully first to see if that recovery is indeed sustainable as we believe it is. >> he said the economy is recovering at a moderate pace. ben bernanke says the labor market improved but the u.s. needs more job creation. >> higher gas prices add to inflation, on the other hand by
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draining purchasing power higher gas prices are bad for the recovery. >> he believes the surge in gas and food prices is only tempry. temporary. ben bernanke's comments boosted the stock market today. several of the major indexes hit levels they haven't seen in years. dow gained 95 points. nasdaq up 22 points. labor department has more evidence the economy is getting better. the unemployment rate fell last month in 303 of the nation's largest cities or metro areas. the jobless rate went up in 43 cities. it didn't change in 26 others. nationwide unemployment rate is 8.8%. that is down a pull percentage
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point since november. marine county as one of the richest counties in the nation. it is the richest in the state and the fourth richest in the county. thecome more than $89,000. san mateo ranked second. nationally loving texas ranked number one, $151,000 per capita. new york third. a homicide case in san jose has investigators checking to see if a video game is connected to a fight that led to the killing. the latest coming up next. the water war is in the delta. again or still? we will have a full report coming up.
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this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. propose police are tying to find out if a argument of a video game led to a homicide. it happened at an assisted living facility. ktvu's robert handa is live. >> reporter: the suspect is held here at the main jail in san jose. we have been told he is held in a special unit. it might be due to the unusual circumstances of this homicide case. >> reporter: residents resumed their normal routine today.
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a residential assisted living facility. the casual atmosphere was different than the hectic scene last night when police say one resident killed another resident. today police identified the suspect as alex. investigators say there was no weapon involved. they believe he strangled the victim. >> we suspect something occurred earlier in the day. >> police did tell us people in the home recall him being angry or frustrated earlier because of an argument that took place about his favorite video game. the killing surprised but did not scare any neighbors we talked to. one called the home well run and until now, peaceful. >> i was saddened to hear what happened. my heart went out to the mother. it's a very safe neighborhood.
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if i had a child that needed to be in a home, i would put him there. the owner said the facility is well supervised. police have not released the name of the victim. robbered h -- robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. 11 homes hit by burglars in 11 week. police are looking for two people. police released these two pictures. two men under arrest accused of stilling cadlytic converters from trucks. they were under surveillance by sheriff's detectives. yesterday they followed them to a lot where they watched as the
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suspects removed a converter. they are suspected in 20 thefts. >> amtrak and union pacific railroad ran a special rain to bring attention to rail safety. the train ran from berkeley to richmond this morning to make people aware of the danger of walking on or near railroad tracks. they are concerned about the public. but when a train hits someone they suffer too. >> takes its toll on all of us. >> union pacific railroad police wanted to remind police they can be cited and fined for walking on tracts. discussing possible solutions for maintaining the cash trapped train service.
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community members, officials and caltrain representativeerize expects to attend the meeting at burlingame city hall. one of 7 being hosted. last night participates said in order for caltrain to have stable long term funding the state should increase license fees and sales taxes. >> farmers and fisherman from the delta formed an alliance to fight for water they say they have a league right to. ktvu's jim vargas live now. >> reporter: it's difficult to believe that people living in this area would be talking about what amountest to water wars. but that's what is happening. >> reporter: northern california is pump from the delta. farmers and fisherman say they have first rights to the water.
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they came together today. >> the fish are expected to go without watt ur. the delta next -- water, the delta next. >> reporter: fisherman said water diversions cut salmon runs by 80%. joy baker says her husband's family -- >> they came to that site so that they could farm because it's got wonderful soil and great access to water. >> reporter: why are you in danger? >> because the continual threat of pumping. >> reporter: valley farmers falsified data to convince government agencies to give them water. four members of congress were here pledging support. >> you don't turn upside down
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in a complete industry because you think you should get more water. >> reporter: maybe the most important thing to come out of the meeting is that people who used to fight each other here are now coming together. of course, they will fight somebody else. jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. the prison law office sued the correction's department. they claim they use race for the basis of locking inmates in their cells after fights. a correction's spokesperson say prissens don't base lock down cellula on race. >> theharder for consumers to dispute contracts. they want to sue at&t after
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being charged $30 in sales tax for a phone the company said was free. at&t said federal law permits only arbitration. today the court says national law trumps state law. we are getting closer as space shuttle endeavor final mission approaches, who arrived in florida today? another famous name to help the two uc berkeley grads held in iran.
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two days before the space shuttle endeavor is set to lift off a wildfire is burning. it is burning in a nature preserve. fire crews are close to containing the flames. it should not delay space shuttle endeavor's launch. congresswoman gabrielle giffords arrived in florida today to watch her husband lift off. she flew in from houston where she is recovering from the shooting. we believe that she was helped up the steps into the plane there. her husband will be commanding the space shuttle endeavor. they practiced wearing their space suits. it will be space shuttle
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endeavor final trip into space. a big shake up is in the works for the defense department and cia. president obama plans to nominate cia director to become defense secretary. he is a former white house chief of staff and congressman from monterey. sources say afghanistan commander will be nominated as the new cia director. the factuality senate at stanford is said to debate tomorrow on the question of ending its ban on rotc. it originally kicked it off the campus in response to the vietnam war. in recent years it continued continued the war because of gays serving openly. a committee recommended lifting
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the ban. a cadet has been rejected for admission because she is a lesbian. she said she could lie about her sexually anymore. he reapplied for the academy but officials say they were forced to reject her application because the policy hasn't yet be officially repealed. cat stevens is calling for the release of two students held in iran. he said they should be set free if there is no clear evidence. they were arrested two years ago. they are set to face trial may
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11. the labor movement mobilized more. the rally being planned and the warnings. when i come back we will look at the pollen counts. which trees are making your eyes itch.
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los angeles dodgers picked a former la police captain to be security chief at dodger stadium. that became an issue after brian stow was attacked on opening day. rich retired in 2008 after 40
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years in law enforcement. the dodgers picked him after approaching other commanders who turned the job down. all of the chili's areler restaurants are donating 15% to the brian stow fundraiser. he remains in a coma. customers who want to donate must print out a flier from their website and take it with them. one-and-done for keith smart. the warriors are looking for a new head coach. 10 game improvement over last season but the warriors missed the nba playoffs. saying their careers are at
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stake. nfl players urged a judge not to grant team owners a stay. the young issued an injunction on monday. if the nfl's quest is denied it could turn to the eighth circuit court of appeals. it does not effect the nfl draft which is set to start tomorrow. a big protest this weekend in san francisco. part of a national day of action. the san francisco mayday coalition announced plans for the march and rally on sunday. marchs and rallies will be taking place across the country. immigrants rights are workers rights. >> through the past year we seen an increase on deportations and attack against immigrants. whether through sb1070 or through the many types of bills that are being tossed
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throughout the u.s. >> san francisco's marchers will gather at 24th and mission streets and march to the civic center. officials were marched in the court today. the marijuana scandal. julie haener has more story. she was grund down last summer in san francisco. -- dunned down last summer in san francisco. we talk to her husband to honor his wife. plus the one thing the county decide not to do when it comes to reducing the number of dog attacks. all coming up at 6:00. 2 million people are expected at the vatican this weekend. several days of ceremonies are expected to take place, highlighted by a mass
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celebrated on sunday. this was rehearsal day in london where the royal wedding is two days away. the bride and groom arrived in a caravan. they took a test run and several air force planes practiced the flyover. you can watch the royal wedding here live starting at 2:00 a.m. this friday. we will be streaming the events live on >> it's all bill martin has been talking about. >> i am getting worked up about it. the weather looks dicy. shower activity. for us, we got nice day. let's go outside. clouds that are out north of
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here. rain -- you can't see it. these clouds filter in tonight and tomorrow and thing your forecast to the point where temperatures go down. i talked about pollens. i am suffering from them. we will look at them. tree pollens effect most of us because they are right in your face. when they drop they get around where we breathe. mulberry, elm and sick more. grass are medium. everything is coming up. by the weekend everything is going going to be trending high. the winds stir the pollen up. tomorrow will be breezy. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 4:00 p.m. the wind surfers, this is your time a year. west wind at 30 miles per hour, game on. thursday we got partly cloudy skies. clouds come in, the system is
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weak. mid-60s. here we go. the system moves off. high pressure moving in. temperatures into the lower 80s for the weekend. northeast wind. that triggers tree pollen as well. i was reading, when you take your allergy medicine, take it before you need it. take it in the morning and take it consistently and it works better. clouds tomorrow. 5:00 on wednesday. lots of clouds. there is that weak system. there is thursday morning. the winds kick up because that low left a hole and the highs builds in. tomorrow looks like clouds in the morning. breeze in the afternoon, cooler than it was today. lots of upper and mid-60s. 5 day forecast, plenty of sunshine.
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the weekend might be the nicest weekend we have seen in some time. >> 80s. haven't seen that in a long time. >> thank you. your iphone as a by-phone. the mobile phones are tracking users whereabouts.
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apple denied that it tracks
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and stores information on iphone users. researchers uncovered the software. they say it helps the iphone figure out its location. the company does keep a list of hot spots and cell towers near the phone. apple says the long delayed white iphone 4 will go on sale tomorrow. the prices with a 2 year contract will be $199 or $299 depending on the model. they hoped to make it available last july. fancy coffee drinks are closing in on burgers and fries as favorite fast foods. star burks is -- starbucks is the third largest chain restaurants in the u.s. san francisco training firm
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used star power to raise money for charity. btig donates all of its commissions for one day to children's charities. baseball hall of famer joe morgan joined ronnie lott to talk to traders who called in. today's efforts raised $4 million. it sent a message to the children. >> i think they get a chance to see somebody cares about them. they have shown they care about the kids in san francisco and california and around the world. >> they say over the 9 years it raised $24 million for children's charities. more news ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. a night out in san francisco ends in death. the widower of a slain tourist tells us his story.
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that story ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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tourist revisits the city where his wife was gunned down. >> she was shot and killed last summer. new at 6:00. ktvu's david stevenson shat down with her husband who returned to the city to honor his wife's memory. >> we met here in san francisco this afternoon with the widower and the two suns of the german tourist. >> i thought i would never come back to the city. >> reporter: he and his two sons are wrapping up a visit to san francisco. >> come and see the place that my


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